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Assist faculty and administrators in improving student learning in the context of the BYU Mission and Aims.

"Seek learning, even by study and also by faith.”
- D&C 88:118

The CTL mission statement and supporting area outcomes below are at the heart of all decisions, efforts, and initiatives carried out by the CTL. They provide focused direction in responding to institutional goals and priorities, and in providing leadership and innovation for the purpose of improving student learning.

Area Outcomes
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Teaching & Learning Consulting

Institutional Culture

Influence institutional culture by encouraging policies and practices that enable transformative teaching and learning.

Teaching Stewardship

Support faculty in embracing their teaching stewardship as an intrinsic scholarly endeavor.

Transformative Learning

Assist faculty in creating transformative learning experiences that honor and expand student agency.

Administrative Support

Support administrators’ response to timely and emergent teaching and learning needs.

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Assessment Services


Encourage faculty to align both formative and summative assessments with the course purpose, learning outcomes, and activities.

Learner-Centered Feedback

Support faculty in providing learner-centered feedback that promotes student learning.

Evaluate Assessments

Guide faculty in effectively evaluating course assessments to improve teaching and enhance student learning.

Secure, Proctored Testing Environment

Provide a secure, proctored environment to facilitate assessment of student learning.

Administrative Support

Respond to university-wide academic assessment needs as requested by academic administrators.

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Academic Technology & Media

Technology Tools

Create and maintain tools such as Learning Suite that help faculty and students manage and enhance instructional processes and integrate with other systems on campus.

Collect and Safeguard Data

Collect and safeguard university academic data, such as Student Ratings and Learning Outcomes, to support faculty needs and assist with the use and understanding of these data.

Instructional Materials

Create technological instructional materials that support student learning.

Administrative Support

Respond to university-wide academic technology needs as requested by academic administrators.

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The Center for Teaching & Learning at Brigham Young University was announced on May 18, 2007 by Academic Vice President John Tanner. The Center was formed by combining staff from the former Center for Instructional Design and from the Faculty Center.