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Assist faculty and administrators in improving student learning in the context of the BYU Mission and Aims.

"Seek learning, even by study and also by faith.”
- D&C 88:118

The CTL mission statement and supporting area outcomes below are at the heart of all decisions, efforts, and initiatives carried out by the CTL. They provide focused direction in responding to institutional goals and priorities, and in providing leadership and innovation for the purpose of improving student learning.

CTL Outcomes:

Influence Institutional Culture in Teaching & Learning

University Building
Influence institutional culture by encouraging policies and practices that enable transformative teaching and learning.

Help Faculty Fulfill Their Teaching & Learning Stewardship

Professor with Screen
Help faculty members fulfill their stewardship to catalyze and assess student learning, create an edifying learning environment, and engage in processes of improvement.

Support Administrators’ Teaching & Learning Priorities

Help administrators address instructional priorities and respond to timely and emergent teaching and learning needs.

Develop and Support Teaching & Learning Technologies

Video Camera and Webpage
Help faculty, students, and administrators manage and enhance instruction by designing, creating, and maintaining applications and instructional media.
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The Center for Teaching & Learning at Brigham Young University was announced on May 18, 2007 by Academic Vice President John Tanner. The Center was formed by combining staff from the former Center for Instructional Design and from the Faculty Center.

Faculty Center and Center for Teaching and Learning: What's the Difference?

While the Faculty Center and the Center for Teaching and Learning both work to improve teaching through faculty development and institutional policies and practices that foster effective teaching, the two departments also have some key differences as outlined in the diagram below:

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