Beginning of Semester Introductions with BYU Learning Suite—Part 1

Digital Dialog for student introductions makes sense for so many reasons. The only question that remains is, "When will you begin the Dialog?"


Many professors have students introduce themselves on the first day of class. While in-class introductions can be helpful, Digital Dialog offers a means for students (and you, the professor) to record an introductory video that can be viewed outside of class. Following are some reasons you may want to take advantage of Digital Dialog to help everyone in class become acquainted.

Reason #1: It helps you get to know the students.
Digital Dialog can help if you struggle to learn students’ names and faces, especially when you’ve relied exclusively on a static picture and printed information. Plus, sometimes the pictures on class rolls don’t accurately represent how a student really looks!

Reason #2: It helps the students get to know each other, too.
To help students overcome the awkwardness of beginning a course together, you can assign them to record a self-introduction during the first week of class and review some of their classmates’ videos, as well. Students then will have something to talk about with each other early on in the course.

Reason #3: You can gather information about the students, like a pre-assessment.
When asking your students to record their introduction, invite them to say something about their experience in the course content area, share opinions on an issue related to the course, or identify their expectations for the course. This information will help you to better remember the students and more clearly gauge their understanding. It can also help to initiate class-related discussion.

Reason #4: You have more class time to help your students learn.
More class time does not have to mean covering more material; it can offer more time to build relationships with your students and help them to learn the material more deeply. To maximize the extra class time Digital Dialog provides, make sure you’re engaging in a real-life dialog with your students to help them internalize and apply what they learn.

There are many great reasons to facilitate student introductions using Digital Dialog. What others can you think of? Let us know in the Comments section below.

This is the first tip in the series on starting a course with BYU Learning suite. Read the next  tip: Beginning of Semester Introductions with BYU Learning Suite—Part 2.

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