Providing Individual Feedback with BYU Learning Suite

Teachers can save time in class and also give the needed attention to individual students by providing feedback through Digital Dialog at a time that is convenient for them.

Providing opportunities for students to practice and receive feedback is essential for quality learning to take place. Using Digital Dialog, a feature in BYU Learning Suite, allows teachers to provide timely and useful feedback for students in a way that isn’t possible in the traditional classroom.

Often students need specific feedback on a personal assignment or project. However, class time is limited and teachers often find it difficult to give needed individual feedback. With Digital Dialog professors can submit feedback to students via video, audio, or written text when and wherever is convenient. Students are then able to obtain important direction from professors, and class-time can be utilized for other kinds of tasks.

See how Rob Allen, an animation instructor uses Digital Dialog to provide feedback to individual students in this video.

For more information please contact Michael Johnson, Teaching and Learning Consultant