Making a Difference: Effective Course Design

According to author L.D. Fink, effective course design makes the biggest difference in classroom learning and success. Consider these strategies and resources for designing your course.

What makes the biggest difference in student learning and successful classes? It is effective course design, according to internationally acclaimed author L.D. Fink (Creating Significant Learning Experiences, 2003).

Effective course design is the intentional planning of a course to help students achieve significant learning. It begins with creating essential learning goals (or “learning outcomes”) around which the course is built, followed by designing assessments that can demonstrate student achievement of those goals.  Finally, it requires you to plan activities that help students attain learning that lasts. Fink calls course design “the most significant [factor]” in improving teaching and learning in higher education.

The Center for Teaching and Learning provides online guides for effective course design, including one based on Fink’s model(s)

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