Flipping the Classroom with BYU Learning Suite -Part 3 of 3

This third Tip on flipping the classroom illustrates one professor’s practices using BYU Learning Suite.

Earlier Tips have defined and explored the flipped classroom model. Professor Devin Asay is using BYU Learning Suite to flip his courses by linking online content through the Schedule feature. He also uses BYU Learning Suite’s Digital Dialog tool to facilitate student online discussion of course readings and content.

What advantages do you see for you and your students in a flipped environment? How might you integrate principles of the flipped model in your classroom? What questions or concerns do you have about the flipped-classroom approach? Please comment in the box below.

This tip is the third part of a series on the flipped classroom model. Read more tips in this series: Flipping the Classroom : an Introduction and Flipping the Classrom: Five Ways to Flip Your Lectures

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