Collaborative Learning

Collaborative learning is a powerful tool for helping students understand and retain information. Discussed in this post are many effective ways that BYU faculty members are using collaborative learning strategies.

Research studies over the last several decades indicate that university students learn more and retain it longer when they are actively engaged in classroom activities and when they collaborate with one another. The national trend is to include more of these kinds of activities in college courses, but what about here at BYU? Are BYU faculty members finding effective ways to engage their students in more collaborative-learning activities? Do these activities enhance student learning, and are they easily implemented? The answer is a resounding “Yes!”


Below are several video clips that highlight strategies BYU faculty have implemented in their classes. Consider including activities like these in Winter Semester classes.

An easy way to engage students in collaborative learning, increasing the likelihood that students will complete reading assignments before coming to class (1 min).


Using classroom debates to engage students with primary resources and with each other (1:20 min).


Students debriefing one another after a test is corrected (6 min).


Students coaching one another (1:52 min).


How collaboration enhances student learning (7:59 min, Prof. William Baker, Marriott School).

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