Lessons Caught

Elder Bednar explains that the best teachers in his life never gave him answers to his questions; rather, they guided him in the process of finding his own answers. As learners seek out and find their own answers by faith, they will retain them for a lifetime.

Elder Bednar shared an insight about how his teachers in years past have helped him learn by faith (“Learning By Faith,” CES Broadcast, February 2006):

I have observed a common characteristic among the instructors who have had the greatest influence in my life. They have helped me to seek learning by faith. They refused to give me easy answers to hard questions. In fact, they did not give me any answers at all. Rather, they pointed the way and helped me take the steps to find my own answers. I certainly did not always appreciate this approach, but experience has enabled me to understand that an answer given by another person usually is not remembered for very long, if remembered at all. But an answer we discover or obtain through the exercise of faith, typically, is retained for a lifetime. The most important learnings of life are caught—not taught.

How do you help your students learn by faith? In what ways can you help your students “catch” what you are trying to teach?

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